What Does May Mean to You?

What Does May Mean to You?

May, to me, is the time of renewal and hope.  I look outside and see all the flowers starting to emerge and I feel a sense of connection with the world and with God.  It brings me back to myself to my primary and mortal me.  If I were to die right now, the flowers would go on, they wouldn’t care.  My family and friends would, but their bringing of flowers to my remembrance would be significant only to them.

I’m thinking in this direction because of my good friend’s close family member who died recently in a car accident.  He was young.  I saw pictures of him with his family and friends just hours before, at a wedding.  No one knew he would be gone so soon, we never do.  But it’s still so sad.  The loss.

Since this post is getting morbid, I will do a quick redirect to the flowers of birth and beginnings.

Baby’s Breath, roses, tulips and irises.

Spring quintessential.  How does this fit with Tiny Living Large?  Living…  that’s the purpose of our existence.  We bog it down with our diatribes of other seemingly important things that must be accomplished.  The perfect job, spouse, home, car… whatever.  But in reality, we are here to live.  I get it, I get caught up in the materialistic-ness of “look what I have”.  “look how successful I am”.  And, it means nothing.  My place in heaven has no bearing on the car I drive.  But the way I treat people, this earth, animals, my loved ones, unknown people… that does.

So my gift to you today.

Please treat yourself as well as you treat your friends and loved ones.  Love where you are today.  Be with today and today only, for once.  You may not be here in a few hours. But if you are, realize the miracle it is that you are…

What does May mean to you?

Lots of love,


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