To Paint or Not to Paint

To Paint or Not to Paint

Could there be any more decisions on what is the right thing to do when you’re selling your house?

This is only the third time in my life that I have sold a home.  MY HOME… Sometimes it feels like it means everything to me.

I have released grown kids from this home, raised grand-kids in this home and have even been all alone in it a time or two.  I still hear the echoing sound of feet running down the hallway.

In my mind, this house needs kids again.

So, all nostalgia aside, this house is being sold to another family.  My strings to it are slowly fading.  How do I make this transition?  How do I convey the feeling of this home to it’s new owners?

First, we need to get them here!  I see cars driving by, slowing down to take a look at it from the outside to see if they want to take the time to look further.  Sometimes, they drive on by.  Sometimes, I’ll get a call from my real estate agent saying we need to be gone at this certain time so they can come look.  I want them ALL to come and look.

Maybe it’s time to spruce up the outside to make them more interested.

We keep our home super clean, inside and out.  What hasn’t been done since well before we moved in… You guessed it, paint.  Yes, it’s chipped and worn.  It needs a freshen-up.  Honestly, I have never loved the color of my home.  The sky blue color in the middle of all the pinon and juniper trees stands out like a sore thumb. What I am torn between is choosing a color that I love, or one that someone else may or may not love.

When I honestly stand back by the edge of the road and look at it, I might even decide to drive on by too.  So, spruce it up, it is!  Here’s the ‘Before’

 (we have a Pie-shaped lot… I took this shot from our neighbor’s driveway)

Fast forward one week.

After a look at budget, we decided painting is something we could tackle ourselves. We called in some shots and had help arriving for the weekend, so this means a lot of prep work that needs to be done in order to take advantage of the heavy labor, while we have it.

The prep work:

First off, make it ugly.  Sand down the worn and chippey parts.  Caulk the seams that need it (be sure to use ‘paintable’ caulking). Trust me, it gets ugly pretty quick, but take heart, it’ll get better soon.

Picking the color.

Oy, this was the most difficult for me.  It’s such a big commitment.  And to a house that I want to not have any longer.  I’m torn between picking a color that I love and one that someone else may love and that fits in our area.  Sometimes it’s worth it to freshen up using the existing color.  In our case, not so much.  We decided to go with a natural hue that would embrace our surroundings.

After countless trips to our local hardware stores, collecting paint chips, putting them on the wall next to the color of the trim we already picked out (we went with the current white trim, just needed a quick freshen up), polling all of our friends and family (and sometimes strangers) we finally chose the color.  We went with Home Depot Bher Paint and Primer in Bitter Sage.

After working all day, buying all the supplies and a quick dinner out, we finally made it home late the night before painting was to start. In anticipation of loving this new color, we ran a swipe of it down the side of the house.  I went back out to look at it a couple of times before heading to bed and I have to say…. I was scared.

The sagey green over the sky blue looked sickly and putrid.  I told my husband I thought we had made a mistake.  Note to anyone getting ready to paint… you can’t take the paint back after it’s been mixed… 

We both tossed and turned and worried all night. We prayed, and talked and worried some more.  At some point during the night I had an epiphany.  “Just trust that you chose the right color”.  I did love the Sage, it was just different from the blue.  I was just used to the blue.  TRUST.

So we got up and painted, and painted and painted.  It was actually pretty fun!  We had a lot of our loved ones around, helping in all sorts of ways.  We played, had some great music and got to catch up with each other.  After all was said and done, we finished the job with half a day to spare!  Thank goodness, because we ended up with a house-showing the final evening with a wonderful young family, and it just sparkled.

The results were amazing!  Deciding to paint this old house was one of the best decisions we’ve made.  (I’m actually kinda embarrassed that we showed it in it’s previous condition!)

Here’s the ‘After’

Shoot me a comment or a question and let me know if you have been through a situation like this, or are heading into one.

I’m here for ya!


We just got an offer on the house!  It came in pretty close to our asking price and we accepted it!  

I forgot to tell you that we had purchased a St. Joseph statue and buried him in the flower garden the very day before the offer came in!  If you’re interested in this, here is the link on amazon.

But WOW!!! Now the fun begins.  Yay!

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