Starting this blog has been one of the most creatively burdening tasks I have ever attempted!  Why?

Why is it so hard to write?

It’s not so much that it’s hard to write.. Its more like trying to climb my Himalayan-sized paradigms that build huge brick walls in front of me.

I like to give you information.  In fact, one of the motto’s that I’ve been using for years…

‘I don’t have all the answers, but I do know how to get all the answers to you’

is me, in a nutshell!  I love to bring you information on creativity, on downsizing, on traveling, on just about anything I think you’ll be interested in.

I’m one of those,  “jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”.  See, I don’t like even saying that about myself because it implies I am better than a master of some particular trade.  I’m not.  But I do offer an insight that you may be looking for, in an easy to read package!

So, I named this post “Procrastinating” because it’s the super-power that stops me.  I will put off doing something scary or that I’m not 100% sure I can do perfectly.  I will dust furniture, clean bathrooms, bathe the dogs, mow lawns.. I mean ANYTHING to get me away from my computer so I don’t write.  And I LOVE to write!  I’m just afraid I’m not going to be good enough for you. (And by YOU, I mean ME… my own worst critic).

Here is what I know about procrastinating:

  1. It will stop you from doing what you love (that’s sad when you stop to think about it…)
  2. One of two things will happen if you don’t do it:
    1. It will never happen, at all (ie. the world does not get to have what you were going to create)
    2. Someone else will do it
  3. You won’t feel any better about yourself by not doing it (whatever IT is… doesn’t matter)
  4. You will recognize you are seriously procrastinating when you find yourself doing something you absolutely hate, when you have time to do what you need to be doing.

    For me, it’s dusting.  All of a sudden I think I need to dust the old, ornate hope chest left to me by my great grandmother.  I love the hope chest, but damn!  That thing is a monster to dust!

  5. When you finally do what you’re putting off, you will feel better! (insert happy face here… ;~)
  6. Perfectionism and Procrastinating are evil twins!
  7. The only person who expects you to be absolutely perfect is YOU.

    (yes, only you…. that sucks, but when you realize it then YOU can change it!)

  8. It helps to have an ‘Accountability’ partner (shout-out to Nicole here!)

    Preferably someone who cares about you being successful, is kind yet tough, and knows you well enough to get you, especially when you have something ‘more important’ to do and will call you out on it.

  9. If you are contemplating a huge task, attack it in small chunks.  Brene Brown’s take on procrastination is brilliant!  She says “When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver!”  Click here to read it on Facebook.
  10. Buy a cute timer, set it for 15 minutes, get started.  You can choose to stop when the timer goes off, or if you’re on a roll, continue.  Getting started is the hardest part!

So DO IT!  Just start and go with the flow.  Follow your love.

Send a comment to let me know how you overcome procrastination.  I’d love to hear from you!

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